Purest alpine natural concept.

Flora and fauna in high alpine locations have to resist extremes: icy cold and strong solar radiation, hail and snow storms. In their millennia-long struggle for survival they have acquired outstanding defence mechanisms: wonderful powers and intelligent active ingredients which are also so beneficial for people’s skin and wellbeing.


These efficacious phyto-substances and bio-powers are extracted using time-consuming procedures and are used in their purest form for the preparation of alpienne: arnica, St. John's wort, marigold, camomile, propolis, honey, marmot oil, biopir, Swiss stone pine, gentian root, best essential oils... We create the emulsifying creams and bases with high quality olive oil, beeswax, lanolin, fresh spring water from the mountains which in its energy is dextrorotatory and – if required for texture and effect - with mild alcoholic fruit distillation.

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The results are 100% naturally pure care and wellness products which achieve their efficaciousness and durability without any sort of synthetic colouring, fragrances and preservatives and with no other additives.

alpienne. Natural products. Nothing but the wondrous powers of alpine nature.

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